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Integrating LeadBoomerang with Solatech

We are excited to announce that Window Treatment Marketing Pros (WTMP) has integrated
their proprietary LeadBoomerang tool with Solatech, a leading software solutions provider for
the window treatment industry. Our mission at WTMP is to empower our clients’ businesses with the best possible tools and services. By merging LeadBoomerang and Solatech, we are taking a huge leap forward to make this mission a reality

What is LeadBoomerang?

LeadBoomerang is an exclusive lead tracking tool designed for window treatment and awning companies. It allows users to capture, track, and manage leads from various sources, including their website, chat widgets, Google, Facebook ads, and more. With LeadBoomerang, you can monitor your leads’ movements in real-time, enabling you to manage your sales funnel and improve communication with potential customers.

What is Solatech?

Solatech is a leading software solution provider for the window treatment industry. Their suite of tools simplifies the ordering and measuring of products. The integration of Solatech and
LeadBoomerang offers users a comprehensive system that streamlines the entire sales funnel from lead capture to order processing. With Solatech, you can easily measure and order
products, manage your inventory, and track your sales and profitability.

What are the benefits of integrating LeadBoomerang with Solatech?

The integration of LeadBoomerang and Solatech presents a powerful and user-friendly system for managing leads and your sales funnel efficiently and accurately. This integration allows you to:

At WTMP, we cannot wait to present our clients with this brilliant solution. With LeadBoomerang and Solatech, you can conveniently measure, order products, review requests, and manage your leads in one easy-to-use system.


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